What is SkyClopes?

Paramotor/Paragliding flying, over the past 6 years, I have used many, many apps.  Most are basic and the advanced ones I wanted to improve.  With many unique ideas of my own, and simplicity a goal, I have created for iPhone and Android using the latest cross platform technology with several simple goals:

  • Cross platform- iPhone, Android, Windows or Mac, Phone or Tablet device. Plan on tablet/PC, sync and fly with Phone
  • No barriers to entry – Free version allows viewing/sharing of position for groups
  • Share Position - view other users position/status while flying
  • Send Position - Send Map by SMS/Message to anyone a SkyClopes Map/Track while flying
  • Multi Flying Disciplines - For Flex wing, Paramotor, Paragliding, Handglides, Hot Air Balloons
  • Rich fully featured Maps - Restricted Airspace, including Masts and Wind Turbines, etc.Pro
  • User Submitted Map Data - With supplementary data added by you, for your local flying hot spots, etc.Pro
  • Show ADS-B + Flarm through open OGN on Map.Pro - Subject to 3/4/5G reception
  • ADS-B + Flarm Device integration.  Pro
  • Create local map - Database of Points of interest, no fly areas, and sharePro
  • Share current wind information to other SkyClopes users.Pro
  • Feature Rich Flight Panel and Features to rival top Apps

Entry Level - Free Version

The free version of Skyclopes will have the following functions:

Share Position in Group

Show other Skyclopes users position your position, or only when invited to group.

Flight Plan

Easily create a Flight Plan which can be imported, from other apps, or received from other Skyclopes users leader

Import Flight Plan

From a simple text list of waypoints or KML, WKT or GPX

Basic Flight Instruments

Flight Time, Wind Strength Directions, Distance to Destination, Altitude and Waypoints.

Flight Logs

Unlimited Flight Logs and ability to replay in 2D.

Land out Position

If landed out other users can view your last track, subject to data service 3/4/5G

Wind Strength and Direction

Calculates wind strength and direction during flight.

Leader Board

Participate in Skyclopes leader board

Social Media

Share flight map and details on social media.


Skyclopes Pro

The Pro version of Skyclopes will be subscription based, yes we need to pay for data, servers and maps somehow. It adds the following to the Entry level version:

Sync Devices

Cross platform- iPhone, Android, Windows or Mac 2024, Phone or Tablet device. Plan on tablet/PC, sync and fly with Phone

Share Position

Share Position with Skyclopes users. Position and optionally track for last 2 mins. Control your visibility in Privacy settings.

Share Flight Plans

Allow you to invite friends to share a Flight plan and Group locations on Skyclopes map.

Show Flarm and ADS-B on Map

Show ADSL+B aircraft And Flarm, via phone data signal. Options None, Position, 2mins + Complete Track

Flight Plans

Create/Save/Import/Export multiple Flight Plans easily. Add your own features to the map and share Others to review

Import Flight Plans

From a simple text list of waypoints or KML, WKT or GPX

Add local Information

Submit "POI Pins" or "Areas to Avoid" to the SkyClopes global map for approval 2024

Bluetooth Devices

Vario Bluetooth Devices + Flarm info + ADSL-B. If we don't support your device, can submit a recording of the device data for us to analyse and add to Skyclopes.

Detailed Logs

In addition to flight logs, add cost, hours (for wing and engine) and service history.

Share Settings and Designs

Quickly send entire Skyclopes setup to another new user or individual screen setups, etc.
How to Share

Predict Flight Time

Flight Plan to show predicted flight time, and fuel if Paramotor, based on wind direction and strength entered.

Multiple Custom Flight Panels

Use more than one SkyClopes Map/Instrument pages and customise the display.

Local Wind Map

Show wind information logged by other SkyClopes users. Giving wind strength and direction at a particular altitude.

Thermal Centring Map

Thermal centring map to aid capture of Thermal Lift.

Fuel Remaining Time

Paramotor/Flex wing Fuel burn, giving time left based on avgerage fuel consumption

Check Lists

Create your own check list for just before flight.

Flight Playback

Play back on Phone, Table or PC in 2D as if flying or 3D rendered world.

Export to Competition Sites

Export to competition web sites and calculate score 2024.

Extensive Flight Instruments

Entry level + Time to Destination/Next Way point, Fuel Remaining/Time, Height above Next Way Point, Vario, Heading and loads more.


Future Development

  • Send link to view your fight in a web browser to friends 2024
  • Mac and Windows 2024
  • Competition Scoring 2024
  • Notams 2024
  • Rev counter